January 23, 2008

You're Just Not the Same Anymore


Ben Folds
Over The Hedge soundtrack

I must give the impression
That I have the answers for everything
You were so disappointed
To see me unravel so easily
It's only change
It's only everything I know
It's only change, and I'm only changing

You want something that's constant
And I only wanted to be me
But watch even the stars above
Things that seem still are still changing

In the midst of all of our making and breaking relationships we all pull out the same old pathetic but truthful line about how things are just not the way they used to be and how the changes were for the worse. I don’t know exactly where it came from (Cavewoman said it to Caveman when he just couldn’t find the mammoths the same anymore). It’s almost universal probably because it relates to all of us. Hey now, don’t jump to those hypocrite related comments you are murmuring to yourself yet, I know… I too (unfortunately) have used those words to describe my feeling… it just seemed like the ideal moment and they were the perfect words to go with it. No matter how much change happens to us, we never can learn that it will just happen again (we just keep running into the cars parked outside our garage no matter how many times we have gotten into trouble doing so). Although you won’t listen to me and will find yourself shocked when your best friend slowly starts to fade, I will make it simple for you so read carefully: Change is inevitable and will happen (yes, even to you). Somewhere in our minds there is something telling us that if we express how we feel, they will go back to the way they used to be, they will not. How can we ask our friends (or prior friends) to change or undo the change they have gone through? Our personalities are not created over night; they progress over time due to our experiences. If I were to keep my friends from first grade my hobbies would be gathering leaves into a play “house” of some sort, making kittens out of paper bags, and running around the soccer field in hopes the boy I liked would want me for my aggressive athletic attitude (he paid more attention to the game and never passed the ball to me, probably because I never could kick it quite correctly). Why should we act like who we used to be when it’s not us anymore… for old times’ sake? It’s not just others that have changed, we all have (some more drastically than others still prevalent to everyone) and reminiscing on the past will not change anything so make new friends that tend to your personality now and you can expect things to change eventually. To all that didn't read this: good luck with your search for a completely constant person (not real).