January 8, 2008

Step 1

For some reason, this is probably the most difficult time I have ever had thinking of some sort of clever witty introduction. I have been sitting in front of this computer writing sentence after sentence just to delete every one, occasionally trying to fix my “n” key that seems to have an undetermined, unreachable, small object under it. To save myself from missing this “unforgettable” One Tree Hill episode (that was partially sarcasm) I’m going to make it simple. I cannot always portray my thoughts as well as I would like, sometimes I realize how ridiculous I must have just sounded and wished whoever I was talking to knew what I was actually thinking. While I listen to music I often find those undiscovered words in lyrics and books when other people expose my thoughts so beautifully that I cannot think of any other way to say them. This blog is simple, others provide the terminology and I will comment, maybe a little more, on what they say.

In Other Words
Ben Kweller

Sha Sha

Another night slips away In other words I should say There are no words he should say There are no words

In his eyes I see the fear That only time could disappear If only time could re-appear Now's the time

Something to take it away to take it away to take it
Don't let it stay don't let it stay don't let it

The butterflies are passive aggressive and put their problems on the shelf but they're beautiful He'll realize the only thing that’s real are the kids that kid themselves and the demise of the beautiful What is beautiful?

The multi-life is better than the one we're in the one we knew Cause everyone is seeing through everyone They're stepping' on his gold terrain He's moving' on with bold refrain His blatantly old campaign Is moving' on

What can't stay goes away It starts stopping when it stops stopping


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