February 3, 2008

Unscheduled Fun

I was watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang today when I had to leave to work off my debt (slowly but surely). I dread going to work more than I dread most things because of the spiteful rude people who yell and complain solely for the purpose of getting free food, the awful repulsive smell I come home with and the obnoxious mandatory standard responses I must say (very happily) to every.single.person who comes in. This Super Bowl Sunday, rather than spending the entertainment of the game with friends or family, I was at 54th Street. As I was standing very focused on the door waiting for my next change to jump out and shout hello to the next costumer, I heard a very loud sound from right behind me. I think I made a pretty abnormal sound/scream as I turned around to see a (very intoxicated) man charging at me at an exceptionally fast pace (the loud noise?... he tried to hit me but missed and hit the wood instead). After he trampled me I watched in shock (some of which was from the fact that I was capable of making such a horrendous sound) as he angrily jolted to his car and drove off quite aggressively (understand that I had never talked to or seen this man until this incident, later a woman came up asking me if he broke anything... he almost broke me) At last year’s Super Bowl I was at a friend of a friend’s house watching football and eating nachos with one of my childhood buddies who, over the years, has probably become the most opposite person from me possible (she and her friends do not find my (hilarious) sarcastic jokes humorous). The year before that I was at my friends boyfriends “Super Bowl party” (it consisted of us 3) and the year before that I was watching Janet Jackson expose herself with my pastor, his wife, and his children. This year, instead of nachos I ate potato soup as fast as possible in fear my manager would see me and all of the blue Sweet Tart Skittles from a humongous bag, instead of friends I spent most of my time with 100 people I didn’t know, instead of a couch I stood and watched the game through a glass and played tag with my coworkers. I received the phone numbers of two boys (I think they were around 10 years old), I bet on a very unrealistic final score (although the Giants won I still lost) and you mustn’t forget the bar fight I nearly lost. I was somewhere that I didn’t want to be yet I probably just experienced the most unforgettable Super Bowl of my life thus far. Some of the funniest people I have met have been introduced to me through forced conversations due to assigned seating arrangements and some of my favorite memories have been in the most boring classes. We are obligated to do things we don’t want to but it is in those times we have the most unexpected fun.

This is pretty cool http://youtube.com/watch?v=OIJtKxdRQzY
watch the whole thing... patience is a virtue